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Quality Assurance Policy

The Quality Assurance Policy (hereafter QAP) of the Department of Political Science and Public Administration (hereafter Department) is in line with the policy implemented by the National Kapodistrian University of Athens (hereafter EKPA), rendering the Department dedicated to the provision of high quality higher education in Greek and other languages, implementing postgraduate programmes of high academic standards and added value in the Greek and English languages, in state of the art subjects of the Department’s curriculum.

Additionally, the Department pursues the development of a creative research environment, and promotes free scientific thinking and expression of all the members of the academic community and staff. The Department commits itself to the implementation of QAP by all current and future postgraduate programmes, realising the quality assurance processes foreseen in the Internal System of Quality Assurance (hereafter ISQA) of EKPA, and aiming at their continuous improvement. QAP reinforces the academic profile and orientation of the postgraduate programmes, and promotes the goals and topics studied, as well as the realisation of concrete annual goals; moreover it specifies the means and processes for the implementation of the above and the participation of the interested parties in the assessment and review processes.      


Quality Assurance Policy (EN)

Aρχείο της Πολιτικής Ποιότητας

Αποτελέσματα εσωτερικής αξιολόγησης του ΠΜΣ από τη ΜΟΔΙΠ