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The Master’s Programme in "Southeast European Studies: Politics, History, Economics" has recently celebrated more than 20 years since its introduction, we decided to circulate a brief survey investigating the trajectories of our students and the impact of this programme on their careers and lives. This survey was organised by Dr Nassia Yakovaki (Historian and member of the Coordinating Committee) with the collaboration and technical support of Dr Anna Tsalapatanis (Social Researcher and alumna of the class of 2011). This brief document provides a summary of the responses that were collected in February 2020, and we warmly thank all those who took part. Students Survey

The Alumnus Network was created to help our 579 former students from 43 countries to stay in touch with each other and with the Programme.


Academic year 2016-2017

Reports produced by the students of the course "European Union Enlargement in South Eastern Europe and Beyond" 

Instructor: Assistant Professor Susannah Verney 

Educational Visit- January 2017

Some of SEE students visited the Temporary exhibition “Hermitage: Gateway to History” at the Byzantine and Christian Museum along with SEE instructors on Friday, 27 Januray 2017.

Academic Year 2015-2016

The Postgraduate dissertation with the highest grade from all examinors: Konstantinos Vlamis, "Middle class, Islam and Democracy in Turkey and Bosnia Herzegovina:  Is Democratization in the Muslim World Dependent on the Rise of an Islamic Middle Class?"

Reports produced by the students of the course "European Union Enlargement in South Eastern Europe and Beyond" 

 Instructor: Assistant Professor Susannah Verney 

Academic Year 2014-2015

You can download the two postgraduate dissertations with the highest grades from the academic year 2014-2015: 

On Sunday, December 7th, 2014 the students of the Master's Programme 2014-2015 visited the traveling exhibition "Imagining the Balkans. Identities and Memory in the long 19th century" at the National History Museum in Athens in teh framework of the course "Interconnected Histories: The Balkans and the Black Sea from the 18th to the 20th Century" accompagnied by their instructor Assistant Professor Nassia Giakovaki. The exhibition is organized by the 10 museums of the Balkan countries, under the auspices of UNESCO

Our current postgraduate students of the SEE Master's Programme visited the Bank of Greece on Thursday, 14 May 2015 in the framework of their class of "Economic Transition Pathways in Southeastern Europe: Disruptions, Challenges, Prospects".



Within the context of the Postgraduate Programme in SEE studies, a series of Alumni lectures have been launched which allows our Alumni to maintain contact with the Programme and to meet current students.

  • March  20, 2015a Guest lecture on "Nativism, Disavowal and Ambivalence: Material Culture and Social Imagination in the Debt Crisis" was given by Dr. Konstantinos Kalantzis (PhD UCL). This lecture explored the debt crisis from the scope of visual and material culture. It aims at giving students a sense of the ethnographic problematic on the debt crisis, which diverges from accounts of the crisis as a problem of economics and quantitative data. Instead, I turn to realms such as people’s daily practices, inscriptions in space, popular photographs and negotiations of landscape and examine how people imagine the nation-state, how they perceive of Europe, how they approach questions of tutelage and further how they resort to historical figures in understanding and experiencing the present.
  • March  20, 2015: The Master Programme in Southeast European Studies - University of Athens  organized  the preliminary presentation of the collective volume of INTER ALIA  "An Agenda for the Western Balkans: From Elite Politics to Social Sustainability"by Nikolaos Papakostas  (Alumnus 2007-2008) and Nikolaos Pasamitros,. editors of the volume.  This Volume deals with the contemporary political and social landscape of the Western Balkans. One of the contributors is Dr. Tonka Kostadinova (Alumnus 2010-2011).
  • November 2014lecture of Dr. Tonka Kostadinova (Assistant Professor in Modern Bulgarian History, National Museum of Military History, Sofia and ex SEE Alumnus) on "60 Years Diplomatic Relations between Greece and Bulgaria:Challenges and Potentials of the Reconciliation Process

  • November 2012: Discussion with a Delegation from Kosovo (under UNSC Resolution 1244) on "Civil society in post-1999 war Kosovo”.

  • April 2012: lecture of Associate Professor Christos Papazoglou (Panteion University and Consultant at the Bank of Greece) on “The euro area sovereign debt crisis and the economies of SEE”.

  • March 2011: lecture of Professor Jan Zelonka’s (Oxford Univeristy) on “The European Union as Empire” was the Alumnus event of the year.

  • May 2010: lecture of Professor Boron Bronza, Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina, “Bosnia and Herzegovina and Europe- Centuries of Belonging

  • April 2009: lecture of Dr David Landsman, OBE, Ambassador of the United Kingdom, “Europe in the Balkans or the Balkans in Europe? Some British Reflections”.


To mark its tenth anniversary, the Postgraduate Programme in SEE studies launched SEE Alumnus, a special newsletter for our alumni, which was given a warm welcome by alumni and staff. Since then three SEE Alumnus newsletters circulated.

Issue #1   Issue #2   Issue 3


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