Research program "TYPOskopio1821/ ΤΥΠΟσκοπιο1821"

Assistant Professor Nassia Yakovaki, member of the Coordinating Committee and instructor of the Master’s Programme in “Southeast European Studies: Politics, History, Economics” coordinated the research program "TYPOskopio1821/ ΤΥΠΟσκοπιο1821" (Faculty of Political Science and Public Administration). The aim of “Typoscope 1821” was to create indexes for the four main newspapers that were published during the years of the Revolution (1824-1825). At this stage the four indexes of placenames can be found in open access here:

Αmong the undergraduate and post graduate students of the research group there were two of our alumni: Anastasia Tsougka (2017) and Panos Gkoutziomitros (2018)